Another face study + a paintover (updated 20th)

This time I decided to go all out and ditch my normal way of painting (sketch head then paint over) and try to use the same technique as Linda Bergkvist - blocking out forms and adding detail with no lines or construction at all. It took a few goes to get anything at all, but it is getting easier with every try. I’m really enjoying it actually. <- Linda Bergkvist’s site for ref.

I’d been using some of Bergkvist’s methods (esp. for hair) anyway, but the full technique is very powerful, even if it will take a while for me to get the face construction right with it.

Thanks to all those who continue to give me advice and crits, kepp them coming and I’ll keep trying to improve.



Another quick piece - a paintover of something I posted earlier:



Probably finished with it now, I just couldn’t leave it alone from the earlier post. Not anatomically correct, but then it is a snake demon…



are looking better and better. With which program are you working?


I’m using Gimp + Wacom. Hard edged paintbrushes until the very end when I blended (for speed more than anything, it doesn’t look as good as paintbrush blending.)