Another Farnsworth House Render

Hi All,
I’m doing, as a school-related project, a couple of renders of the famous Farnsworth House.
This is the first one, still finishing another one with the camera in a different position.
I’d like to hear what you think about it, what I should improve and how, and in particular how can i enhance this through Post Processing (this is straight ot form Cycles).
Thanks a lot.
P.S. Something I actually know is the reflection on the left…there’s no grass at all, and that’s because by adding grass there I ended up using too much RAM…so probably I’m going to use just a green texture applied to the floor.

This is actually not a bad starting point for you. I’d advise giving the lighting in your scene a little more love (just play around with it, it’s not very interesting atm). Are you rendering out multiple passes of your scene (z-depth, ao, diffuse etc)? If not you should definitely do so, it will give you much more flexibility in post processing stage.