Another FBX Importer/Exporter addon

Hi, this is my first post here, from Japan.

I developed a FBX addon for Blender2.63a~.
This isn’t GoogleSoC/official.


Platform Requirements

  • only Win32/64 (currently)

Version Requirements

  • Greater than Blender 2.63a
  • Ready for Blender 2.65


  • Autodesk FBX SDK 2013

  • Python3.2/3.3

  • Binary FBX Support

  • Import FbxNodeAttribute::eMESH/eSKELETON

  • Import maybe FbxNodeAttribute::eNurbs/ePatch as mesh

  • Import maybe obj/3ds/collada

  • (option) export text fbx

  • (option) conservation imported bone axis on export

Sweet! Thanks!

Thank ! work for me.


what are the differences between the current version of the exporter?

Wow nice! Gonna try it immediately! Thanks!

Another export = official - animation - mac - linux - many options + binary output.
Minus will be updated to plus sometimes soon.

@@uimac - Nice to see you here! I always found your blog interesting and inspiring.

looks that is working fine to me but i still couldn’t try with something more complex! Thanks for this anyway, is a great tool! :slight_smile:

The UVs are transfered in a bad way sometimes, I don’t know why.

Here’s an screenshot:

I notice that the same FBX file imported with the GSOC project has the right UVs so I imagine that the problem is with uimac’s version.

Here’s the FBX file:|0|1233608792||942

I tested in several packages and in all of them the UVs are fine except with the actual importer in Blender. The one from GSOC has the UVs right.

I just tried this AddOn, using Blender 2.65, with a tree I exported from the TreeSketch App and it worked to bring in the geometry. UV Mapping seems to be intact as well.

Atom, I tried other files and sometimes the UVs are working right but some others not, as the example file I uploaded. So if you tried that file you will notice instantly. Also the camera doesn’t looks like it’s exported at all. Do you know someway to bring the camera information from XSI to Blender? Thanks.

I have tried to import this fbx

There are a couple of bi issues… The model is imported as a point cloud and its rotation do not match the armature one.

Hi, I am trying to import a FBX model (simple box) to Blender, but it dose not work well.
(I exported this FBX model from maya2012, and I am using windows7.)
How can I slove this problem?

My God.

this is the most important Addon EVER For Blender.

I will try it tonight!

is anyone ever going to improve the SEARCH ENGINE?

you type in FBX and NOTHING comes up !!! GRRRRRR

I think that if an script is not registred in the right way by python you wont see it in the search results but my question is… why do you want to show that result if you have direct access by the import/export menu???

i THINK you misunderstand. I mean the blender artists search engine. I just typed a long winded post discussing LEAVING
BLENDER, because all pros NEED FBX. I NEED FBX . Every Pro I met in this business needs FBX.

If I had found this thread in the main search engine, I wouldnt have needed
to do that !


Curiously, sometimes it is easier for me to use Google to find thread content on Blenderartists