Another FBX Importer/Exporter addon

exactly! yep

Search scripts are notoriously hard to program, and usually resource intensive if they are going to be good. That is why you are usually better off doing a site search with Google.

Try putting this into the search box: FBX

For me this thread was the first result.

very good. LETS MAKE THIS A PERMANENT STICKY and get rid of the near worthless search GUI!

Can’t get it to work properly, when installed through the add-on panel, it seems to be extracted to a wrong path.
When I fixed that, the importer still doesn’t work.

Yup. I agree.

A search would look like:


Faster, more accurate results.

Thank you all for your information!
Version 0.8.1 released.

great!  thanks!!


Still doesn’t extract properly when installing through the addon panel. Am I doing something wrong?

Now, however it works after moving it to a proper directory :slight_smile:

Could you implement support for sharp edges (or smoothing groups) ?

I’d imagine something like that:

On the import if there are sharp edges in the FBX file, they get imported to Blender and edgesplit in added to the stack.

On the export-the reverse, the sharp edges are exported with the FBX file (without applying the edgesplit and splitting the mesh)

That would be awesome!

Awesome, now the UVs are perfect, thank you very much :slight_smile: , amazing.

Wow. I’m wondering why no one else came up with the idea of using Autodesk’s FBX SDK cause it’s so obvious to get FBX working inside of blender using it.

Great work indeed.

Do you have plans to also support FBX animation in blender?

I have problems to import the camera information from this file:

basically doesn’t import anything but if I open this fbx file in softimage or maya it imports the camera and the animation of the camera it self.

New version is importing correctly the file with the rig. I will try on file I have with camera animation with which I also had problem and let you know.

Thank you very much for the update! :slight_smile:


Hi. I have the same problem with installation. I copied files manually and it works, but I have weird results so I’m not sure whether I did it right. Is it enough to only copy the whole “io_scene_another_fbx” folder with all subfolders to: Blender\2.65\scripts\addons ? Or are there other directories you need to copy files to?


is there anyway to add a SCALE adjustment upon import?

  1. also anyway to speed up large models?

thanks alot!

the download link doesn’t work :frowning:

New version released today [January 07]

Thank you for the continued work on this much needed script !

Works fine, top work! Tried it today the first time.

suggestions from my side:

  1. scaling (import ist far to big, i am exporting from daz there is no export scaling option)
  2. no Animation will be exported (no Actions or KeyFrames)

will import of animations and keyframes an feature from you?

Camera is not working well as far as I know.

Hi uimac,

Thanks a lot for your effort. Complete FBX support is what blender misses most in my eyes.

However, I do not find a download link on your page. I now built from source, but I assume there are missing files (the python files to register the addon in blender). The file BL.pyd is built without problem, but the python stuff is missing in the repository.

Am I just blind or is the download link missing at the moment?


Or does the following mean the link is missing temporarily:

Sorry, Bad license.

I'll separate process...

If yes, what is the problem exactly? If the blender license is the problem, I think you could still release the needed python files. Could you upload them to google code please? Because only at the point where the fbx sdk is linked the problem comes into existence. That would be legal and help everybody who does not want to wait.

Or could anybody who downloaded 0.8.2 upload it somewhere? I do really think blender contributers would not have a problem if GPL is broken by an addon temporarily because it requires a proprietary dependency.