Another female model

Another character. This is Alice. She has clothes on.

The nose needs some work. Probably everything else does, too, so I’d appreciate any comments, especially on proportions. Paintovers welcome.

Yes, the nose shouldn’t be so pointy uppy in my opinion. The ankles look funky too. Nice start :smiley:

Those lips look very sloppy and saggy too, very unattractive.

I reckon the nostrils are too big, and yeah maybe bring the tip of the nose down a bit (maybe). Also with free_ality on the lips - for me the bottom lip left and right is too swollen/big. Having said that, the rest of face looks really good to me, the topology looks nice and clean etc etc, good job :slight_smile:

Yeah, i suggesyt you use a reference (if you already aren’t) also the skin shader is too shiny.

You’re halfway there mate! Nice work so far.

As above, clean up your topology on the face some. Also, lower the nose so that it isn’t suffering the ‘hog-nose’ quality.

Keep up the good work!

I’m assuming you are going more for realism tham stylism since you are asking for “proportions” feedback. So here are my 2 cents.

About the proportions. There were severa facial landmarks I could choose as a basis for proportions and two landmarks seemed both as usefull. I decided to use the height between the eye corner and under the chin because the lower facial features are the most intricates and this way, they would require less tweakings. The other landmark was the eye width from outside corner to outside corner. By choosing this landmark, the upper facial features (mainly the skull) was right but the lower facial features needed extensive tweaks.

I tried to respect your facial features morphol;ogies and focus on proportions and positions.

From the side view:

The top and the back of the skull are too short. That is a common beginner error.

The brow bone is too high. If you slide it down along the angle of the nose, you should get it in place and get a better start for the forehead.

The ear is positioned too high and too forward.

The lips are a tad too low which is what makes it look lumpy. This may not seem like a lot but with faces, a couple millimiter can make a huge difference

The lower eye lid should be more recessed than the upper eye lid because the upper eye lid is more mobile than the lower eye lid and thus the eyeball is centered higher.

The back of the neck has an angle that roughly follows the front of the neck angle and the back-low part of the skull joins the neck with a more pronounced angle.

From the face view:

Enlarge the top of the kull while raising it.

The eyes should be further apart given the size of the skull.

Topologywise, there are a few issues. If you don’t plan to animate your character, then, the topology issues may be disregarded. But if you plan to animate the character, speaking and emoting, you should already correct the tolpology issues. The most troublesome spot is the edge loops for the nasolabial furrow. The 3-pole and the 5-pole (circled in blue) will not animate well as in it will not give you enough control on the creasing of that furrow. You must correct the topology to eliminate those poles and add another edgeloop in between those two already existing edge loops.

Those are my two cents for now. Hope that helps.


I love the model… but

1st - No SSS :frowning:

2ed- Too much clothing… :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, great model ! Good luck!

Great! :yes: YES! :yes: People, that is exactly the kind of feedback I am looking for. Thank you. :smiley:
Now, I go back to work. :eyebrowlift2:

The nose and lips would look better if there was more chin protruding forward… the no chin, changes everything, and makes it look oocky…

Pull the chin down also, just a tiny bit. And please move the two points of the top lip in, they should be much closer to each other.

Pull the check/bones up… the area behind her knees where it changes to calf, is really to fat? Please slim that down?

Her skii jump nose is fine, its where the nostrils are located thats odd. They should be pulled back towards the back of the head, and then up a tiny bit… so you could almost make them flat, or perp to the ground… kinda.

Take the rear the whole thing, and tip it under her, or rotate it… its almost impossible to stand with both your rear and your stomach sticking out…if you follow me…

if you want to have a big rear, then reshape the top of it with more slope?

ok, looks like a good model, do you have subsurf on?

That’s a really nice crit! packed with info, engaging the art on the table, great!

Yves! Great to see you over here. :wink: :slight_smile:

Hey Daniel. Great to see you here too.

Not bad work. I guess I’ll focus on the bodytype since other people are focusing on the edgeloops and face, so, here goes…It almost looks like you are modeling a plus-size model or something, I commend you for not making a cookie-cutter girl, if that is your intention. But…the stomach should be pushed out farther to give her standing pose more attitude, make it more balanced. Look to Renaissance art to see examples of that in women thick and thin. Also, supposing you’re creating a heavy woman, her arms should show less muscular definition, and she should have a bit of double chin. Larger thighs would help balance out her legs so that they taper. Modeling a plus-size model is probably not your intention, I dunno, but I hope this helps you somewhat.

Orinoco, you’re messing yourself up. Why?

Everybody’s crit is all over the place, modelling…SSS…texturing

How about you have a workflow that focuses at one thing at a time.

Just remove the textures, and focus on modelling, and everybody will crit you on that only, instead of being all over the place.

after the model is good, then you can texture and get crit on that.

Cause it feels like you rushed through everything, modeling and texturing, just to have something presentable, and now you gonna be doing two things at one time, modelling and texturing.

Workflow workflow workflow.

mofdof, it’s not a problem. I can sort it out. I spent most of the time on modeling, not so much on texturing. Apparently putting on the clothing added 20 pounds to the models appearance :evilgrin: (maybe it’s the thick ankles). I used a reference for both the head and the body, I have no idea how the head got so far off, but it obviously is, as ypoissant points out. So, I’m working on fixing that first. The SSS, if I decide to use it, can wait.

I’d rather have too much critique than too little. :smiley:

kbot asked to see how the hair for this model was put together, so I’ve got a blend available here, and some explanation on how I made and mapped the hair mesh.

The blend file has four different color hair textures packed with it. They are tga files, which accounts for the large file size. Sorry.

Anyway, I made the hair mesh like this:

Started with a quarter UV sphere

extruded the bottom edge down

Then extruded the front edge forward. The rest was tweaking with proportional editing on.

To UV map the hair, I loaded the hair texture into the UV image editor, and selected one section of hair at a time. The sections start at the top, go all the way to the bottom (where the image is transparent) and are three or four quads wide. Type U to unwrap, then arrange (mostly by scaling) the section on top of the hair image so the lower edge of the hair trails off into transparency and the section is as wide as the image. This is difficult to see in the finished blend file, since all the sections are on top of the same image.

If anything’s not clear after you take a look at the blend file, just ask.

ok im workin on making a base mesh woman but just to try this out i iwas going to check on the uv and wat i could do and this…

look i even reload factory settings then try it again and that doesnt even work…but just to
make sure i opened up a different file and apply UV map and the same thing happens Ugh it
just makes me mad and i dont want to change workflow :no:

ok im workin on making a base mesh female but just to try this out i iwas going to check on the uv and wat i could do and this happened…

look i even reload factory settings then try it again and that doesnt even work…
but just to make sure i opened up a different file…
and apply UV map and the same thing happens.
Ugh it just makes me mad and i dont want to change workflow :no:

So basically i open the UV image editor and then just do a quick most the time i dont even
seam it (because im still…phase 1 of my work) so i just unwrap and put either a color or the
UV test grid…but when that went wrong i decided to seam it and the same thing occurs i just
want this UV problem dealt with or understood cuz texturing is 1 of my weak points

GoldenGrenade, it is not ok to come into someone else’s thread and start complaining about your problem. :no: Please don’t do it again.