Another female portrait

Hi all,

Here is my latest render… another female portrait. this time a little more stylized. :slight_smile: I drew inspiration from disney style characters like in Tangled/Frozen. Female portraits are much harder to do than male portraits, and I’m still trying to get the hang of it. anyway, I hope you like.


Love it, great job,
you might want to add some variance in the hair such as color and strand size, other than that it brilliant

Yep, creating attractive, believable, non-frightening female characters is like the ‘holy grail’ for character artists, and you almost nailed it, just the hair…

Cheers Guss,


i like her. the stylization is very nice, and the warm colors very pleasing.

I like her too, she is very cute.
If I may say my opinion, the skin is just a little too glossy/ waxy, just a little, and the hair would need more love.

Anyway she is very well modeled and designed.


nice!! :yes:
but the hair needs work!