Another fields question

I’m curious to see if this is a possible way around rendering each frame for broadcast - if I rendered a sequence of images without fields and mixed them with say a back ground and sky sequence - then composited them with the fields button enabled - would this give me the same result for tv?

Initially wehn i rendered i rendered the scenes in fields - and joined them all in the VSE and all was good.

The reason i ask is that an image rendered in fields originally gives a kinda blurry effect on the computer that tells me its ready for broadcast - but when rendered as a composited seqence of png’s (no filds enabled originally) with fields enabled they seem not as blurry as the ones i would render with fields as the initial png…

does that make sense???

Anyone shed some light on this?

Also when i use fields while rendering FSA I get a dark image - without FSA the image is fine - any suggestions?