Another fluid sim question

I’ve got another fluid question.

I have baked a whole lot of frames (500) of some molten metal. Now I want to have the metal solidify at a certain frame (435) and discard the rest of the simulation and have the last frame (435) duplicated until the end of the animation. i.e the metal freezes at a certain time while other objects carry on moving.

Does anyone know how to approach this?

I thought I had it working by duplicating the fluid at frame 435, converting the duplicate to a mesh and putting it on a different layer (and keyframing the layer) and then at the next frame swaping the fluid for the mesh ( by layer keyframes) but now it doesn’t seem to work…

I’d import the specific obj file (point of solidification) that has been baked into a temp folder and keyframe that into the layer.
That’s just off the top of my head, I’m sure there are other ways to aproach this.

You can animate the viscocity (it seems). Select the domain and go to the IPO window. Once there, change from the object IPOs to the “Fluidism” IPOs. The top channel should be “Fac-Visc” (the ending gets clipped).

Thanks guys,

I finally managed in the end.

Pretty much like you said deadlyjumpingjonny, I imported the bobj file of the frame I wanted ( I see that there are 2 per frame the “final” one is obviously the one needed)

To import the file I used n_t’s script

I found this link in the thread )

P.s, deadlyjumpingjonny thanks for the video tutes on your site, very usefull

That’s alright keywee, glad you like them!:smiley: