another fluid sim test

like in the subject, after spending some time testing this feature I’m still not quite friendly with it. Obstacle sometimes work and sometimes dont, and what for, are the controls in the advance tab (like: realworld-size, gridlevels etc), well anyway I manage this one:

c&c welcome

Nice glass. Nice caustics. Nice render. Nice.

This is beautiful! Very realistic lighting, and the water capture is very nice.

The glass looks like it’ll snap if you pick it up though :slight_smile:

Yeah, you should animate it! And color the water dark red for wine… It is a wine glass.

Very similar to the pictures in one of the fluid-sim tutorials – in other words, a very nice picture! I’m playing around with the same thing (actually just waiting for it to render now), but how did you set up your light to get those caustic effects? I’ve got mine set up ok, but not great…

I also noticed this, regarding obstacles in simulations, from I think the same tutorial I mentioned before:

“Some tips: Your obstacle should have a thickness greater than the unit element of the domain (e.g., the longest side of the domain bounding box divided by the resolution) or the fluid will travel through the obstacle as if it was not there. Moreover, make sure that the normals of the obstacle are calcultated the same way, and radiating properly (use the Flip Normal button, Mesh Tools pannel, Editing context [F9]), particularly when using a spinned container. Applying the Modifier Subsurf before baking the simulation could also be a good idea.”

What I’ve found (for when you want to use very thin glass like for a wine glass!) is that you can duplicate your (lets say glass), move it to another layer, and then select only the outer vertices – then you can expand them in the X and Y direction (and maybe a little lower in the Z direction) to make the glass thicker without changing the inner shape. You can then run the sim, turn off the new glass layer and switch on the old layer.

I’m looking forward to the version of Blender that allows animating obstacles and fluid-objects during the sim!

thanks for replies, about caustic, it’s a one photon lamp aiming the glass, settings on the image below


I know that obstacle have to have some thickness but, anyway it behave strange for me…


I didn’t realise it was quite so simple to get nice caustic effects… I’ve been reading too many complicated tutorials. Anyway, FYI, here’s my own render and fluid test (of course, now that it’s rendered, you can see my many light sources didn’t quite have the effect I was looking for. I kind of like how it turned out, though).

Now the wine almost looks toon!

You need to make the red brighter… Or at least more transperent…