Another Fps Template


Ok, I have tried to make this template as simple as possible. and take in mind ive only done this because ive been pretty bored. It was originally only going to be just a shooting system but i decided to add the movement for testing and just left it in

Instructions are in the ReadMe text in the blend.
FPS template3.blend (650 KB)

Tell me what you think, if you have any ideas please send them. and if youve improved the blend you can post it here.

Edit: looks like the texture for the bullet effect didnt packbut its ok since the bullet effect was coloured orange anyways

Edit: Update with crosshair

Good start! How about some cross-hairs, cuz it is almost impossible to aim at the moment.

ill update soon, im playin poker right now XD

Edit: check first post

As with most mouslook scripts, this one is incompatible with mac (really a problem with the BGE, but there’s an easy workaround)

you basically have to check if the mouse movement sensor is active (that is, if the mouse has been moved this frame) and if it’s not, manually set horizontal and vertical rotation to 0 (on macs, if the mouse was not moved, regardless of what was done to the cursor, the sensor returns the last movement of the mouse, so instead of the view sitting still like it should it drifts)

hmn, i might make a a alternative for macs, and right now im working on the little things. Btw if you didnt know this fps template is property based so if your a noob and have trouble changing properties in scripts or dont want to keep changing the open script you can change it from the properties.

Just a note- the mac fix changes nothing on other systems, so it’s not an alternative- it’s simply 2 or 3 extra lines of code that makes it compatible with everything.

decent job

threads kinda dead as i got bored, but i have updated alot of it, its just that one part isnt working which ruins it all. Im gonna try and fix it now and release.

here is my final version, add the mac code to the mouse look script if you have mac(i dont know what the code is). I made this quite a long time ago and the layout is pretty messy(and in effiecient) but it was mostly made to see if i actually could make one.
Heres the file:
FPS template2.blend (650 KB)

wow thanks it is great,
gunna try to implement weapon switch and stuff…
it is kinda jumpy

yeah btw the last update included a kinda randomiser so everytime you shoot it shoots at a different place, if you can find the x and y empties you can change there random actautors from say the current range to a huge range. oh and thanks zyxwsdf, it wasnt ever meant to be great but oh well :slight_smile:

Nice reloading animation !

I lov it :smiley:

you know how to make it so that we can pick up weapons?
->weaponSwitch Implemented :smiley:

The drift is brutal. Look up Chaser’s mouse look script. He uses a Mac, and it’s a really good mouse script. I’m getting tired of drifting uncontrollably.

looks good, thanks for sharing.