Another free (and open source) 2D animation software: AnimeEffects

It’s a software made by someone named hidefuku and the license is GPL3. It’s not something you would use for traditional frame-by-frame 2D animation but instead something more After Effects-like where you import a .psd file and use various tools like standard translation/rotation/scale keys, freeform deformation, bone deformation, z
-order, opacity and image swapping all using keyframes. There are also lots easing options although the default is linear interpolation. (whyyyy :p)

It reminds me of things like After Effects, Flash, Live2D and Spriter and overall a pretty cool program, check it out for sure if you’re interested in 2D mesh deformation style animation.

what I like it so far is that there is no way to close the application :slight_smile:
interessing nevertheless, i look deeper. but this sort of things you already can do easily in blender.


There isn’t? For me closing it works fine, I’m using Windows though. If it doesn’t work it’s probably a bug.

You can technically do it in Blender too but it’s a pain. Just importing a .psd with all of the layers, blend modes and clipping masks is probably hard, if it’s even possible at all. For the free form deformation you have to create shape keys for every deformation and create the curves for that to animate well and so on.

With this software it just works without you having to think about these things so it’s a lot less complexity to handle. The only downsides are that it’s 2D only and that it’s a pretty new software so there are some things that would be nice to have but not implemented yet. But since it’s open source you can just do that yourself if you know programming. :cool:

There is an addon called cutout animation tool for blender that works in a similar fashion I think.

Yes, it’s pretty similar but uses sprites instead of a layered .psd so it’s a bit messy when you want to reimport changes you made to your drawings. You can’t do stuff like freeform editing either.

nice, AnimeEffects for sure sparks interest and after a bit of testing;
-It doesn´t export json files (yet?)
-It can only import 8Bit PSDs so far.
-the mesh paint - deform features are nice.

Does it want to take the route of COA,Spine,Spriter and Dragonbones
or does it want to take the route of OpenToonz?

I tried it quickly and I liked how quickly you can start to get some results.

Here’s some personal notes :

  • Quick learning curve
  • Really light interface : you know that the software is only meant for motion tween animation
  • Deform features done using sculpt
  • A lot of interpolation mode available between keyframes but…
  • … No graph editor
    - No image sequence available for input (you have to trick using multiple layer and opacity) (EDIT : You can actually keyframe the image part using differents sources)
  • Only pictures/video as output format (No JSON, XML or anything that include data)
  • Lack of shortcuts (even the basic copy/paste)
  • No way (?) to get to one keyframe to another quickly
  • Only one Armature/bones/skeleton per layer : you can’t share the same armature for multiple layers

Technically you can use image keyframes to switch out images. I agree with your minus points though.

It’s a one man project though so I don’t know how fast these things will get fixed (or at all). But since it’s open source maybe someone decides to help out at some point.

I didn’t noticed that part ! Thanks a lot .