Another free AutoCAD clone, FYI

Just heard about nanoCAD. Thot I’d share for those interested. Haven’t tried it, but it looks pretty handy from what their site describes. Mostly 2D, with some 3D capability (appears to be limited, tho.)

Cheerz! :cool:

Quite nice tool, but IMO the registration is a bit excessive.
It’s free for private and commercial usage, yet you have to register with an email to get a downloadlink and a serial number and with that you got to request a license online after installation.

Hi, really interesting, that’s what I’ve been looking for!

Now I’m near to achieve the goal to get only free open source softwares who can cover the whole designing process, I’ve not used them all yet though.

Here is what I got:

  • Concept and sketching --> Mypaint, Krita (for linux)
  • Image editing, textures editing --> Gimp
  • Vector graphics, vector drawings, logos, text editing --> Inkscape
  • Page layout, PDF creation, typographic printing for brochure ecc --> Scribus
  • 2D technical drawings, design schemes --> nanoCAD
  • 3d modeling and rendering (still images or animations) --> Blender+Cycles of course :wink:

Still looking for a parametric/solid modelling program (Solidworks/Inventor like) and a robust NURBS modeling program for advanced surfacing such as Rhino/StudioTools.


Oh, nanoCAD went global? Well, fancy that. They’ve been around on Russian market for, oh, 4 or 5 years maybe. They’ve got an interesting business model too.

Yeh, their page state it’s free to use and distribute.

What a borked up program! I had to remove it. It is just too messed up!
Thank you for the link though. It was fun I think???

So, doesn’t it work? Is it buggy?


For 3D CAD (not quite parametric, but “close”) try HeeksCAD.

The best I’ve heard for NURBS (other than when Blender catches up) isn’t free, but its cost-effective: MoI.