Another free CrazyBump alternative(NDO and DDO)

I am not sure if everyone already knows this(I’m seeing so many of these threads) but there is a free alternative,

quixel tucked this away cleverly…, scroll to the bottom of the page, you should notice “download nDO legacy”(same thing with ddo)
100% free

I personally think nDO is much better than crazy bump in creating normals

and ddo is much better than crazy bump in creating spec maps

Thanks fdfxd, added in my list of free programs :

but you need Photoshop to use them

Glad I could help

Oh yeah right that…
I’ll be right back, trying to find a work around for this…

I know this thread is meant to tell about the free version of ndo, but I have to say:

  • that version is kind of outdated
  • if you have the money, the whole suite only costs 99$ for modders/freelancers. Now I have tried both and I have to say that the quixel suite is an AMAZING tool to have inside photoshop. Not just for painting normal maps, but also for really fast conversion from photos to normal maps. And also you can make pbr materials and preview them in photoshop - really powerful. So for 99$ it’s really good

I know it’s really cool
I tried the trial
the new version is faster and better,
but for some reason I prefer the old one because it has better dust

ndo2 should be free, no need to go to the original version…they updated to a new version already.

If you would rather not rely on photoshop, then the free original “legacy” version of Substance Designer is called Mapzone ( ), which is node based and generates the same kind of maps.



Thanks a bunch saint, been wanting to get into substance designer for a while