Another Free Mesh - Dragon Head

Heya all. Some of you may remember this one:

Well, since I am not using it for anything but disk space, I offer it to you all as well.

You can get it here (500 Kb)

This mesh is fully LSCM unwrapped and ready for UV textures. Feel free to use it as you wish, but again, please give me credit for the mesh if you do happen to use it.


Wow, thanks again BgDM. I hope this new habit of yours to share models will continue. :slight_smile:

thanks a lot man!

I haven’t been around quite long enough to remember it but it still looks great, I never use someone else’s model for anything more than to toy around with so no worries about me using it in a model :wink: Now I will look at your skill, compare it to mine, and cry :wink:

Milky: No worries. I have no objection to sharing any of my models. Just feel free to ask and I will provide. Some of them I may not provide with full texture maps, as I feel those are more of a personal thing. But that depends on how nice you ask too. :wink:

Yoeri: Your welcome.

jackj: hehe, don’t feel bad. Keep working at it and you will get there. It has taken me about 6 years to get to where I am and I still suck in comparison to some people. Every time I fire up Blender, I treat it as a learning experience with my modelling skills. Always trying to do something new or extra to push it every time. That is how you get better.


BigDM, with you as a moderator, and you blendering skills awesome, i am humbled. not that i was ever arrogant or anything :wink:

your other free model is also awesome.

just wanted to ask you, as this would help me improve in the area which i am slacking off in.

The questions are here:

i wonder if anyone had the same idea as me to attach the two models together? (dragon head with the free f-1 file)

anyway, awsome stuff bgdm, i look forward to more of your creature works!


wow one of the best dragons made in blender

What’s the F is going on here?

You’re giving away all your models, cause you’re not able to finish them? Why? You’re not gonna leave us, are you? Is this your way of saying goodbye? I’d understand if you have problems at home; lotsa bills to pay, a pissed off wife, a son that wears FantasticFour jammies (lets hope that’s just a phase)… but please, don’t leave us. Don’t leave me. Not with those lame people here. Even though you had to lock some of it, you’re the only mod that enjoyed my BS. I’m sure about that. Without you it would feel just… empty.

Please don’t go, man. Please. I… I love you, Gabio.

Uhm… I mean BgDM.

Your friend,

Btw. funny looking creature, reminds me of a chocobo.

BgDM, that is one great model! Inspirational work as always.

I tried a little something with it tonight for fun.

Fire was added in post. A lot of post work was done along with mods to the model and shaders.

People should definitely study this model and the UV unwrap!


dragon my…whistles… coming from an avid lover of all things dragon… that looks more like some subspace turkey!

lol, DragonFyre, that wasn’t meant to be a “real” dragon what I did, just a quick thing (15-20 minutes: simple neck extrude, red materials, two lamps, fire in Painter).

With your love for and extensive knowledge of dragons, it would be exciting to see you and other dragon fans make something cool and interesting with BgDM’s gift to the community.

I was also thinking, it might even make for a nice friendly contest to see who can make the most out of this model :slight_smile: The topology is great. Also check out the seams for LCSM unwrapping.

Thanks again to BgDM for leading this community by example through his excellent work and generosity.


Wow, looks like everyone likes this one. :smiley:

noidtluom: Thanks for the kind words. I will get to your question shortly. A little busy today.

Wu: hehe. Nice composition there. That actually works fairly well too.

rexprime: Thanks.

Sago: heh, no. I am not going anywhere. Just doing a little spring cleaning I guess. These are models that I really have either no time for or no further interest in, so point in keeping them for myself if others can learn from them. So I will still be around to lock Wu’s threads and to bug the hell out of you for some time yet. :wink:

RobertT: Nice work there bud. Really nice colour tones. Thanks for sharing. Also, thanks for the kind words in the final post there.

DragonFyre: This was just my take on a dragon. Who says a dragon has to be lizard/dinosaur like?


Thank you so much for that blend! I’m currently trying to wrap (no pun intended) my brain around UV unwrapping. I noticed none of the vertices are pinned in your UV map. When you unwrapped your dragon head, did you move any verts in the UV map?
Again, thank you! I’ll probably use this for practice in painting textures and setting materials, as I can’t get a decent unwrap myself at the moment…

BgDM, I’ve noticed that you only have one eye on your models. Why? In this one, and in the Sebulba model.

uuh thx man :smiley: Ur so pro… really. :smiley:

Nice Turkey

What’s the URL to download the body ?


Just noticed that this got plugged on BlenderNation and thus, why people are back here looking at this thread. Very cool and big thanks to Bart for the plug.

Milky: If you are only going to seeone eye in the render, then there is no point in having it there.

Lasphere: no worries.

RJ2005: The body is actually from another free blend file that I posted a while ago. It was my F1 entry. So just do a search in here for that and you will find it.


your loosing me – i search what ?
F1 does not give anything !

may be turkey or dragon body - i don’t know what to look for
would be easier if you could put the URL