Another Futuristic Thing

Last time seemed to go pretty well so I thought I’d try it again with a few slight differences. I’m starting with something random and working my way out like before, and you can guess to what it is like before, but I can’t promise I’ll make what you think it may look like as It often just turns out to be something in the end :o. So here goes. I’ve got a few screens to start it off.

Also, I’m hoping to release the .blend file when its done, so your comments and critics will improve what you get ;). Anyways, here goes…

very cool. I want it to have legs that come out the top and reach over the body to the ground, like a spider :smiley:

Thanks :). Here’s a little update:

space station!

very nice :slight_smile:

And here’s another:

And another…

wow amazing skill level =) woaha… that is like Sick. t3h big orby thing is alright thow… how u detail it more… such as by putting some sort of core inside of it that is just as intricate as the rest of the image.

great WIP. it is coming along great. i would put something like a ball of water similiar to final fantasy 10 water games. very kool, keep on going

yeah, it looks like part of some elaborate power source. Overwhelmingly it looks like something designed to harness or transform large amounts of energy.

Perhaps liquid energy. Some kind of fluid condensed energy. Fluid fire or liquid lasers. pumping through concentrators by some electronic heart to animate a machine with its aetheric salience.

Thanks for your responses guys! Nice suggestions everyone :slight_smile:
Here’s the last update for today:

Awesome, very inspiring.

Keep posting
/ Mats

One suggestion - shorten the grass strands.

Looks great though.

the grass imo looks fine xD
what he should do w/ that is add a sort of mini colony of people lolz or atleast some houses.
and make the outside poluted. xD

make inside a core xD w/ cool techny spinning of gears (if he were to animate xD)\

and are all your upates rendered w/ AO?
looks so nice that you wud think so.

WTF, everytime you add it completely changes artistic direction.

Grass could do with tweaking, a bit more colour variation.

Thanks guys. I’ll keep working on it. I have shortened the grass strands for the next post, as I want it to look bigger than it did there. I do agree that there could be some color tweaking with the grass. More updates coming soon…

Yes, I’m rendering with AO on about 10 so it doesn’t take too much time, but doesn’t look too bad.

i wanted it to be space station!

oh well, looks really great as it is!

Looks amazing, completely amazing, i cant wait to see it done,

Little update:

That is SOOOO cool! :slight_smile: Looks real too!

Alrighty! I’ve started work on the city.