Another game making forum?

Anyone knows another forum where one can post your “game” work and maybe get some members and good criticism? Not because this forum is bad, just maybe there is a place more “active”.

As far as I know this is the most active forum for Blender and BGE. But there are indeed other forums. Some of them explicit for BGE. You might find some well known members there ;).
You can check there is a page with a collection of forums.

The one I know just out of my head is:

Is it only I who can’t enter any of the forums on O.o It gives me a blank page…

Try changing the theme - I think it’s an option at the top of the page (or maybe you have to register, first).

EDIT: Odd. Clicking on any of the sections doesn’t work, for me, either…

Theres the TIGS forum.