Another gamemodel, but highpoly this time.

Some work in blender, so I hope this one may pass :wink:

Did a basemesh in blender, took it out for sculpting, then back into blender for rendering, going to model a lowpoly for it when I get the time.

So how are ya going to make that lowpoly? Looks awesome btw.

Damn… This is truly the best model I’ve seen in months. It’s unfortunate that most of the fine details you’ve added will be lost once you make it low poly. How long did this tak to make?

Welcome to the world of normalmapping, nothing will be lost :), I’ll just shape a lowpoly mesh around this one, and render out the normals of the highpoly onto a texture.

It took roughly a week, 2-3 hours each evening.

Zbrush sculpted, or are you now using Mudbox now? I am assuming Zbrush.

Excellent modelling and I love the sculpting detail work. Beautifully done. Any chance of seeing some nice textures on the high poly one, or only the low poly?


very Nice! it reminds me of the people in doom 3

Hey very nice model there!

You have an unfair and inordinate amount of skill! Gimmie some skillz!!

Can’t wait to see this normal mapped and in an engine. Any other shaders you plan to use with it??


I’m not even sure what methods I would go about with unwrapping nearly five millions of polygons, and yeah, it’s zbrush.

Wow! O_O

Massive amount of details. One of the best works I have seen in the last few months around here.

Looks like next gen graphics!

Very Quake 4ish, but still very good stuff. Any chance on seeing a peek of the basemesh?


Basemesh has quite some flawed anatomy, that I fixed in the
sculptingprogress, but oh well, here it is.

You used the box modeling method for the base mesh?

nah, I’m an extruder at heart, extruding edges as I go.

Eldron: maybe try using the retopo tool in the Blender sculpt mode to make the lower poly mesh for the normal map? Just a suggestion.


wow, thats one though guy.:smiley: good job!

bgDM, I definately will.

Thanks Yoeri, but he’s really soft on the inside!
lol, just could’nt resist. Can’t wait to see the normal mapped version. So are you going to make a full flegde game? Seems you got the skillz.

Looks great, so how do you get the normal map from the high-detail version?