Another Ghost

Is it my imagination or does Blender decide to check some meshes as ghosts? Every so often in BGE, and then when the meshes won’t collide, I find that one or the other has been checked off as a ghost. And I never did that. And then sometimes when I uncheck ghost…the mesh goes flying off…other times it collides as I expect it to. Has anyone else experienced this, or I am missing some command?

Nah, it does that for me too. Except I never had the glitch where it flies off… But I’ve had it check things as ghost on its own.

Sounds like your are teleporting rather than moving your objects around.

Yes it happens as I stated in an earlier post (That did not get answered yet), but this time when I came back the entire character now had triangular holes (When you are in the actual game) that are not the size of the faces.

I believe you’re referring to this bug. It wast patched in 2.71 according to the release notes.