Another Girl with a Pearl Earring - Now animated

(Update: Please see page 2 for the brief animation.)

This was indirectly inspired by Vermeer while I was positioning an unrelated character’s head, which in rotation reminded me momentarily of the famous painting, Girl with a Pearl Earring. Afterwards I tried to recreate that image in 3D.

After countless mesh tweaks, lighting adjustments, several restarts, and many frustrating renders, this is the closest I came to it. I might revisit this in the future, but for now I will simply call it “another girl with a pearl earring” :wink:

the image link

3d view

3d view #2

For this blend I used a bf-blender test binary which I downloaded on July 2nd. This makes use of the new color/specularity gradients and benefits from the improved OSA.

This image was post-processed in the following ways: contrast adjustment, saturation increase, slight burning in a couple of areas (mainly the background/right side), resizing down image from larger render.

I deliberately used the lowest AO setting for this along with the lowest area light sample rate so as to rough up the image a bit, which was too smooth and not at all like its real world counterpart, which is aged and crackled somewhat in a voronoi-like pattern.

Several transparent planes with several distorted noise and voronio textures each were placed between the character and the camera to enhance texture. There are several negative lamps in use as well. Jpeg compressed, so artifacts present (which in this image I don’t mind at all).

Thanks for checking it out :slight_smile:


Nice work!

You’re now my favorite blender. I love it. Keep it up.

wow, awesome work! I love it! extremly beautifull!

and now that this is finished…get your ass back to the exodus! on the double soldier!


Wow, great job :wink: When it said image link here I went to it and I thought it was the painting…lol. Then it said 3d veiw…I was like “Ok lets see how good he did”… and then I realized that what I thought was the painting was your work, hahaha.

Great job :smiley:

hmoc (holly mother of cow)!!!

the picture is very good. just one thing bothers me, the face is too round, and as such more cartoony and less “real”

edit: looking at the picture once more it seems that the ratio is a bit off, and this affect the picture more than the “roundness” of the face

Robert, you did it again !!!

Awesome, I made te same error as Ataryu.

Did you post this on CGtalk and ?


good work i dream of the day i get to your level

Very, very nice Robertt. Great use of the procedural textures to get the painting look. Excellent idea.

One suggestion would be to tone down the saturation in post though. Seems to be a little bright and over saturated in areas. Especially the lighter colours.


Very nice!

Postprocessing is awesome, but the model etc is too


Great work with post prooduction! And the modeling is very good too!

Awesome job!


wow the level of difficulty for this one is super high. great job robertt. the only thing i would comment on is the eye on the right looks like the bottom eye lid is a little off. i think if you can bring that up and out a bit it would be perfect. but like I said the difficulty to #1 match something like this, then #2 get the lighting and texturing correct is mind numbing to think about, you are really moving on up, to the east side, where the beans dont burn on the grill, keep it up brother!

impressive, very impressive.

I love the painting look you managed to achieve. it’s almost as nice as the original :smiley:

Great work, etc, etc. You know this already :stuck_out_tongue:

have nothing to add

It looks almost exactly the same!!! :smiley: :o

Very impressive Robbert. Great idea on using the planes to achive the painting look. I’ll have to go and try that once my render for the wc finishes :smiley:

good stuff m8

wow really nice work Robertt. My fave of yours (maybe :wink: )
You could do maybe a little 2d to 3d animation, where we assume its 2d but then the angle changes? I know its a little cliche, but always fun, and would look good in your demo reel (If you have/plan on making one)