Another glass + liquid question in Yafray


I am quite new in blender and yafray. I was just making some test on a glass + icecube + liquid in the glass.

I achieved to obtain the glass with the ice cube (glass1) and i am quite happy with it
but when i try to render the same glass with the liquid, i obtain the image glass2.

Just dont know how to to obtain the liquid.

I am working withe the 2.42 and the last yafray.

Raydepth: 20
Yafray GI Full quality low
Depth 13
CDdepth 13

The glass is made with the spin tool and the liquid is just the inner part of the glass.

If someone can help, i will really apreciate.



Sorry , the attachements wasn´t visible:

The images are the following:



man, i think the better way to do that is creating another mesh, inside the glass, the only problem that i had with this technique is at the time of render, well, creating caustics in fact, because onlly the glass creates caustics, and the liquid doesnt…