another glass test (haven't u had enough of these?)

well, here’s my shot at trying to make a decent glass in Blender. I know it’s not realistic yet, I’ve yet to add fingerprints, water drops and other stuff. Btw, thanks to whoever posted the link to the realistic textures tutorial.

WIthout furter ado, here’s the link:

No copying and pasting needed :wink:

Tell me what you think.

If you ask me, they all look pretty nice.

The only problem I see is that your wineglass appears to be double paned.

When making anything transparent, you don’t want to have an interior lining becayse that makes your model look unrealistic.

If I’m wrong, shoot me in the face with a giant monky.

I’ll prolly correct that when I’ll start going for the really realistic look. That’s when I’m planning to add grime, fingerprints, etc. This was just the material test.

p.s. boy, that was a fast reply

Heh, I happen to be surfing the forums at the same time as you.

Well, properly speaking, the refractance of the glass will nearly cause the appearance of not having an inside edge when looking through at an angle on a curved surface like a glass. My suggestion is to make it thinner near the top, and apply an alpha gradient to the edges of curves to fake refractance.

there is something terribly wrong with your glass!!!

it’s EMPTY!

and I dont even see any traces of wine being in it… no drops on the tablecloth, no libstick marks on the glass… no passed out people on the background…

next time, you are going for realism, try adding those …

(oh, and p.s. funky wallpapers you got at your place)

.b 8)

i hate repeating myself, so check a little higher, where I said this was a material test, i haven’t even begun to texture it like I learned in that fine tutorial I read…

anyway, thanks for the Ideas, never thought of lipstick…or tablecloth…maybe I’ll settle for a spilled and chipped glass, that would be cool

<edit>do the caustics look believable? what do you recommend?</edit>
<edit2>what do you thing about the base? i kinda like it, it looks a lot like a real one. This was sort of a problem in my previous glass attempts</edit2>

oh right… :slight_smile: I dont much read those messages, heh, I just look at the pictures and write something quickly… heh.


Since I played with other renderers (VirtuaLight, PovRay) I’m not very satisfied with Blenders rendering engine because it’s realy beeing left behind. A simple scanline renderer is good for animations because it’s very fast, but you cannot implement all this nice (and realistic looking) features like refractions, reflections and so on. After all I know about rendering you won’t never be able to implement this features because thinks like that are only possible with a raytracer (correct me if I’m wrong). Download PovRay and PovAnim, render your scene again and you’ll be surprised! :slight_smile:


You are half right. Raytracers make everythingsharp-edged and unnatural. Radiosity and Global Illumination in a hybrid scanline-raytracer are the best for making things look realistic (plus details like grime.)

i feel like it’s my birthday! after two weeks of stress and sleepless nights, I finally managed to render from a raytracer last night! of course, I still gotta learn how to use Matspider(guess which raytracer…? :wink: ), but I’m on the right track. Does Blender’s subsurfs work with raytracing or must I first convert them to meshes?

p.s. stay tuned for an update somewhere next week, hopefully before I receive my P5 controller glove (hint hint)

Subsurfs work nice yeah.

Here’s my shot at glass using PovRay, I used one of their reccomended glass materials:

Still has a cloudy look to the glass that I can’t get rid of really. Guess that’s glass tho?

pretty nice. martini? :wink: somebody was right earlier, maybe it would look nicer if you removed the “inside” of the glass. I’ll see if I can match your glass in LF

Nice glass objects everyone. I have plans to learn POVRay (PovAnim export). I played with it some and got pretty good results.

Look at the end of this thread where I changed my original material to a glass material. All Blender except the wall texture. link

render it in lightflow… 8)

and yes, i am an external renderer (especially lf) buff. :slight_smile:

Enzoblue, you gotta work on the lighting or the angle or something, that glass looks like it’s rendered in Blender. Can anyone see any big differences? Anyway, I don’t want to be mean. It would really beat mine if it had shadows and caustics. That black table ruins the render.

I agree totally. Here’s latest, found some new tricks in PovRay…

Edit: Have no idea why the blue plane there is slightly transparent. To tired to mess with it though.

Nice work. I really want to become more familiar with Blender + PovRay.

I’m searching all over the net for PovRay user sites to use as resources, in conjunction with the POV site, PovAnim page and Jan Walter’s page.

Does anyone know:

  1. Which script is recommended/better Jan Walter’s or PovAnim?
  2. If UV bump mapping would be supported in either script?


that’s MUCH better, Enzoblue. But those caustics are still a little faint. Nice work, it sure beats mine