Another glass


As any newbie i had to make some sort of a glass. Here is my version.

I know the background is a bit low res, coundt find a better one…

bigger version:

I think you could turn up OSA a bit. There isn’t much to say…its a glass. I like the shape though, its original :wink: It gives me a certain urge, I want to drink from it…lol.

Nice, keep it up :smiley:

correction he has osa (right>?) but you to turn your resolution to 512 and that will get rid of those dot on the rim of the glass - looks good stupid background though - should have put the entire things in a cube lik it was in a gallery! :wink:

yeah, i was cofused, i had the osa turned on. Thanks for the tip.

my pleasure! I did one of those jst a few days ago and that helped me! :wink:

I ment for him to turn it up to 16, but he may have already had it there :expressionless: My mistake :o