Another GLSL Source

Hi all, I want to share my shaders with you:)
I didn’t upload all of them yet, but others will follow soon.
Some of them are written by myself, other are from RenderMonkey.
Here are the first ones:

edit: Contains: bounce, erode, flag, wood, phong
Some of them are tweakable, so make sure to look at the Logic Bricks!
If someone has already transferred shaders from Rendermonkey, let me know, cause then I don’t have to;) (D-Man AO and fur, right?)

Also, I’ve got some Shader Templates for you, you can start developing your Shaders from:

(Templates: Suzanne simple and shaded, screen aligned quad)

I can’t download the files from the website… I click download but it all it does is download some html

Hm, works fine if I try to download them with firefox.
I’ll try to upload them elsewhere.
Anyone got that problem too?

Hi, cool shaders there.
I have managed to download the shaders and i use firefox
the bounce shader is very funny :smiley:

@saphire… thanks, I’m using firefox with the DTA download manager. Maybe I missed something cos I don’t read German that well?

That’s good!
I’ve read through the thread with the recommended upload-tools, but everyone of them needs a signup and I don’t like that, so I use
Anyway, here are some more Shader: Gooch, EyeNormal, ObjectNormal

The flag shader seems broken, I press up and down and nothing happens…

the flag works for me … (on ati X1600 mobile - ubuntu ) …