Another Grass(?) Tutorial with shrinkwrap.

I made a tutorial that shows how to make grass in Blender 2.48 ,but its no just a standard tutorial how to make it with particle system its sliglty different ,and its not just for grass ,with this technique you can also randomly place any objects on irregular surface ,for example mushrooms ,stones ,flowers ,trees .You can also combinate with another effects like softbodys ,for me its very powerful technique ,another example animate growing grass ,make a taper curve and that’s all ,and You have !
For better effect You must make multiple groups with grass ,and multiple particle systems ,its work perfectly ,If you have any questions ,I am here all the time :smiley:
Blender Power!!!
P.S You can do that already on the surface that interact with the shrinkwrap modifier ,but then You must play with ,weigt painting etc ,and i think placing that with shrinkwrap is more comfortable ,that’s all ,cheers!!!
Its in HD ,and without sound:

Your description sounds intruiging. I’ll take a look when i’m not at work :slight_smile:

Possibly the best grass tutorial I’ve seen. I was looking for this, thanks

Wielkie dzieki! Super tutorial!

Thank you!

Super tutek, ale nie uwazasz ze trawa za dlugo sie renderuje ??

Hmmm zależy jak leży ,u mnie szybciej niż same particle hair .

I love BLEND files, I don’t understand why EVERYONE does not post a BLEND!

The grass looks really like real, you should make a full tutorial on this, i am sure it will be appreciated :wink:

yavorh- I think about it :yes:

Atom- here’s the blend file:

At 1:24 you shorten the width at the tip of the grass. Whenever I try to scale it down it just changes the curve of the grass. Could anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong. Great tutorial by the way, this will be perfect for my animation.

Littleman- Thank’s. It is the shrink/faten feature ,alt+s combination.

Hello Rangiz,

I was hoping to test your .blend … But, when tried to download, it said it’s deleted???

Good tutorial, i think is the first time I see how grass strands are created. Bravo!

Almux- Sorry, I upload it again (but it’s slightly different version )
Carozza- Thank’s

Blend file->>

That’s fine dear!
Just downloaded it 5" ago. I’ll take a look tomorrow.
Thanks for sharing!


EDIT: Well, it will, actually, take a little more time before i’ll get to open your file! :confused:

Thanks a lot for this nice tut, tried some other grass b4 but this looks pretty good, maybe even better.

Because while you CAN see the end product in a blend file. You cannot see the process that goes into creating that end product.

is this better then the one on I don’t have time to look at it but it sounds really good!

It’s not better, it’s different .
In my tutorial You use objects (object visualisation) ,and in Blenderguru technique ,strand rendering, cheers!