Another great animation tool from pepeland, but...

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So RedNelb v0.8 is out and it looks great:

But where is the documentation for all these great features that pepeland is producing? I’ve been very frustrated since the first time they showed anisculpt; theres no real tutorials or anything! They just show a sped up demo of the features in action. Am I missing something?

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I believe this release got a mention over at BlenderNation, and a thread in the news section.

While it would be nice if people created tutorials or documentation there is no expectation or requirement for them to do so just like there is no requirement for them to release their rigs.

What better way to learn than tear apart someone else’s rig to figure out what makes it tick?

I’ve never seen people NOT release a rig/tool/program without documentation. In over a decade.

I saw this today, and it instantly reminded me of Blender since 2.5 :stuck_out_tongue:

Apart from the billing part of course :stuck_out_tongue:

The nerve of these people slaving away for hours on end to create something new and exciting only to release it (for free no less) without documentation…

Scandalous I tell you, simply scandalous.

Something must be done about this!

…lol. UE - hope your blood pressure is fine.

That ‘its free isn’t it’ argument is going to be the death of Blender.

I think you are confusing Blender with it’s user communities, Ton and the crew understand the importance docs, and do provide them. If a member of the community throws you a bone, it’s your choice to eat it right? Think of the hours that were saved on your end in the first place, take an hour to figure it out.

Firstly, Daniel has given this really nice rig away for free, secondly, and please correct me if I am wrong but I do believe he has a day job, maybe a family, but unfortunately I don’t think he has an unlimited amount of free time, which, for something like this may take just as long as it did to develop and build the rig.

Documentation takes a lot of time and effort, it’s not something you can whip up in notepad, well you could do something in notepad but it’d not be much use.

So, I’d recommend you look at the wiki pages about rigging, and if need be animating and apply that knowledge to the rig, it’ll make a lot more sense, and as you are connecting dots you’ll probably come up with a few neat ideas of your own for rigging.

Trust me, doing the above beats the hell out of mindlessly reading documentation.

As an artist I find Blenders ‘documentation’ a little hard to follow, especially since 2.5. I think many artists have this problem. You always seen coders testing these new features, creating programmer art, but almost never a really nice example of a new features application in a finished project done by an artist. Most of it is presented like someone typed it out in Notepad… or is quite hard to find. The foundation really does need to completely update its documentation and I have read that that is actually on the way after 2.5 is nailed down… my argument was the fanboys who just bleet ‘its free isnt it’ is going to seriously harm the CG communities perception of Blender over time…most CG artists don’t have time for this kind of attitude and will simply walk away back to Max or Maya if they cant get the job done with blender. The foundation has only just introduced a new UI to attract many nay-sayers to the software, but the fanboys WILL drive them away again. We all know documentation is a no-brainer, even the fanboys.

He owns a whole studio. How do you know he made himself? I assumed he has a Blender rigger or tech artist working for him (which is probably actually the case). Some lightweight documentation or a video tutorial (or even a PDF) would not take that much time at all.

You know, they could always use some help…care to volunteer a few hours a week?

Stuff doesn’t write itself after all.

He owns a whole studio. How do you know he made himself? I assumed he has a Blender rigger or tech artist working for him (which is probably actually the case). Some lightweight documentation or a video tutorial (or even a PDF) would not take that much time at all.

Dude should swing by and mow your lawn too…

The people who write the tools or develop something are the ones who write the documentation.

I’m going to go ahead and ignore you now, sorry. I’m not going to waste my time on fanboys who make stupid comments when they can see the issue but try to avoid it with stupid little comments like that :slight_smile:

Not to be rude or anything but if you want a documentation you should complain to Daniel about it, not us.

And the fact that you are complaining about something you got for free is pretty stupid and saying that such talk is “the death of Blender” is only an excuse for your part.

Sorry but it really is you who makes an *** out of yourself here.

I would have to disagree. Sure, I should and probably will email pepeland studios about this. But really this is just highlighting a bigger problem with Blender at the moment. So no… not really making an ass of myself. Really if you read the original post it was just intended to be a discussion among proffesional artists who find the lack of documentation in comparison to other softwares/tools kind of odd/not good. I was fully aware that it may turn into a bitch-fest with lots of teenage Blender fanboys going ape-**** at the audacity of someone daring to criticize Blender in any way, because of my previous experience with this forum and my observation of the general demographic that uses this board, and unfortunately got dealt exactly that. :slight_smile:

And I’m not making an excuse about anything. If someone had an issue with say, something in Realflow, and they posted on the main Realflow forum looking to talk about a support issue, and got this response, there would be uproar. They would lose many customers and licence subscriptions. And before you bring up the stupid ‘free’ argument again, the foundation is always trying to get more people to use Blender, and this is really not a helpful answer. Pity the fanboys are killing the foundations incentive dead. Kinda makes the whole 2.5 rehaul completely redundant.

There you go calling us fanboys again. It is really pointless seeing as this thread was made for complaining about a RIG someone released, not BLENDER in general and so this turned into an argument about you bashing Blender for not knowing how to use/make a rig.

I am not being a Blender fanboy as this thread really doesn’t have anything to do with blender (more than that the rig has been made with the software). I am simply defending the artist because I feel that this attack is rather needless.

This is probably the most used, but it isn’t the “main” forum. This is all user run, not official BF. You keep confusing the Blender Foundation with it’s user base.

Split hairs all you like, this is the main Blender forum. There isn’t one on the actual foundation site :slight_smile:

I’ve used rigs for 3dsmax that were released to the public by very well known artists (Michael Comet - Blue Sky, DNA, Pixar; Brad Noble - Animalia, Digital Pics, Nexus Prod.) working for very well known studios, and those rigs had very little documentation. Basic docs on how to generate the rig in the case of Michael Comet’s rig (basically… position point helpers, then run script), and virtually no docs at all for Brad Nobles rig (a very widely used 3dsmax rig).

So your complaint holds very little water for me… or for anyone else for that matter. I guess you just have a bug up your butt about Blender because I don’t see anyone else releasing fully documented production rigs for ANY software with the exception of the rigs that come with said apps.

Not to mention that after all your typing and pi$$in ’ n’ moanin’ and all the energy required, you probably coulda pulled the rig apart and figgured it out for yourself by now…

nut up and do some work