Another great CGtalk animation


edit I just noticed something similar at the beginning of this movie to a well known Blender produced animation :slight_smile:

Yeah, I saw this one yesterday, very nice. The shader changes are smooth, but the shaders themselves(and the lighting) look a bit too sloppy for my taste… more like a preview than a finished short.

it’d suit me just fucking fine if quicktime didn’t jump at the chance to play any file (read: every) it associates itself with and then crash midair, bringing Firefox down with it. Fuck apple software, first itunes won’t recognize my crappy shuffle and now this.

damn straight quick time is the most ungodly software ever

Hmm, I thought the lighting looked great, then again, my lighting “skills” are basically nil :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “sloppy”?

** edit * (interesting comment from the artist in response to my questions about the lighting :

Mike: The animation was done in Maya and rendered in Mental Ray. To tell you the truth, I don’t know much about lighting but I had a clear idea in mind and I tried as much as I could, to achieve the look that I wanted. The outdoor and indoor scenes were lit separately of course, other than that I used FG and a couple of ligths behind and/or in front of the character (cheats?) to “accentuate” the colors that seemed important to me.

Do you agree that the animation is great ? The “parallel bar routine” especially !

If you read the Cgtalk thread , the artist stated that this was just a w.i.p. / diversion, and was not a finished short.


Oh I think the animation was quite well done. There were a couple of holds on the parralel bar that didnt get me, but It was very nice over all, good use of squash and stretch.

And as for the lighting, just that it wasnt very dramatic, not so smooth either, I just wasnt completely thrilled with it(lgithing means a lot to me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ).

And you know, I didnt see that it was a WIP, that would explain it :smiley: Oops.

I also felt the same way about the bars free_ality. Im not sure where this guy expects to get a job. The animation has very little acting and its mostly physical stuff but not fighting. So not sure what kind of job entails that.

LOL, he’s working as a character animator at UbiSoft.

What has “fighting” got to do with anything in that movie? :eek: