Another great creator has left us. Ray Bradbury has died.

I can’t even begin to describe how much of an influence he’s been in my life. Ever since I read the Martian Chronicles and Fahrenheit 451 I’ve always admired his imagination and his carefully crafted prose. I feel like he will always be a part of me through his novels and short stories… Rest in peace.

so long, Ray! Thanks for all the fish… err, wrong author but still relevant.

In college in Southern California during the early 1970’s, I took an elective course on “Science Fiction” which I enjoyed immensely. The professor happened to be a close friend of Ray Bradbury, and he invited him to come and talk to the class, which he accepted. It was amazing to have such a great mind in our class, since Mr. Bradbury never did something like that, but when the class ended, for some unfathomable reason, the professor asked me to join them both for lunch in his office! I still do not know why I was invited, or what had I done to deserve such an offer, but I excitedly grabbed my stuff and headed off with them.

For an entire hour Ray shared tales, humor, observations on life, and our place in this strange and loving universe with the two of us. I could hardly believe I was actually sitting at the foot of such a great mind in the professors small office. It was overwhelming to my young developing being. I will never forget the depth of feeling that welled up inside me, nearly bringing tears of joy to my eyes. I felt honored, as if by some great cosmic force that wanted me to be there. It was remarkable. I will never forget his warm and open heart, and how freely he shared of himself to a young stranger.

Thank you Mr. Bradbury. Thank you so very much.

Sounds like someone I would have loved to have known… my sympathies

Like everyone else, I grew up on Bradbury. I’ll never forget those stories, endlessly fascinating, poetic and inspiring.
Reading his short stories as a teen was what got me to start writing.
And my MartianStories channel on youtube is named after his “Martian Chronicles.”
RIP Ray. There will never be another.

I did love Bradbury. Will miss him even though he stopped writing a while ago.

When I was 10 or 11 years old I walked into my Mom and Dad’s Room and I saw a book titled “R is for Rocket” by Ray Bradbury. I asked by dad about it and he said, “That is a book for adults. You shouldn’t read it.”
Within a week or two I had smuggled that book out and read it all the way through…My first introduction to the problems of time travel!
I praise my Dad in his reverse psychology…My praise to Bradbury for his ability to reach teenagers in the 60’s.
I have been reading speculative fiction now for over 40 years!