another hair cycle question about grass

So i like to have more then one color ramp to my grass but i am not sure how i would set it up in the nodes or if that even place i should be trying to set it up ?

this is the node set up i have so far

pretty standard expect second color ramp for the grass i am just not sure how i go about connecting it to the node without colors blending together. i want it to use color ramp 1 or 2 not together :D.

this was grass i did about a week ago

that node

i used 5 particle system i could note even render it out i had to take a screen shot accept it lol.

thanks for taking the time to try figure out my problem and if i do not reply it because blender artist will not let me. i am unsure why that is O-o but every time i try to reply to someone it never let me D: