Another head again :D

I got prob with the mouth, can’t get it to fit and make always looks odd, any tut or just C&C :smiley:

( reminds me that the mouth is not in this picture :smiley: got mad at it and erased it :stuck_out_tongue: )

It would be easier for us to offer you help if you posted a wire :wink:

some wires on the way :smiley:

Now I got the mouth finished, but dont like it :stuck_out_tongue: started a new head instead.
( but gonna use it as a preview in my company, just gonna fix the uv text. )

And a little of topic pic :smiley:
just got it to work :wink: and sorry for the blured image ( my cellphone isn’t perfect :D)

dual monitor with laptop! thats quite a set up you got there!

About the head, it is a good model, however the chin part looks a little thin, and the cheeks need to be filled out a bit more. Maybe i am saying this because of the perspective of the front view, but you need to add more muscle and fat to the face, as it seems to be too skinny and elongated.

Also, the top of the nose seems a bit flat, and the eyes seem to be a bit far out (again, i may be wrong, but its just what i can see…)

This is a good model - Keep up the good work - it is coming along nicely. :slight_smile:

got some pics of the new head :smiley:

and can say the laptop got a little hot after a half a hour :smiley: