Another Head - Updated 10/17/03 Pg. 2

Well, I’m a glutton for punishment. Doing this one in my spare time/in between major project (more info to come on that in about 1 months time).

Comments thus far?

Not gonna animate it, cause I can’t do that worth crap, but I will try and keep edge loops somewhat to where they should be.


Watch out for those polys that look like triangles at the corner of the mouth. There’s a lot of detail in there (which could probably be cleaned up) and it looks like they’re interrupting the edge loop that should pass from the nose, down around the mouth and around the chin (following that fold line in the skin caused when you open your mouth wide) I’d try and keep it flowing all the way round. I find it also helps to at least sketch on a piece of paper (or maybe in 3d with curves) where you think the edge loops should flow, before you start. It gives you something to work towards and keep in mind when you’re connecting polys up.

It’s looking very nice so far though (interesting design too) and it’ll be great to see some updates :slight_smile:

Actually, there are no tri’s anywhere thus far. It looks like tri’s there cause i have partially extruded the lips innward and they can be seen behind thew outside verts of the mouth.

There are definitley some areas that could be cleaned up and I will probably do that.



Yep, but it still interrupts the edge loops (creating poles) since those two skinny polys seem to break the flow of the ‘grid’ - the vertex that they are connected to on the right already has 5 edges, with more to come, when to keep the loops flowing it needs 4.

Ideally the mouth would be made of concentric edge rings, rather than coming to a point in the corner there


AH! I now see the one with 5 edges. I missed that. I will clean that up. Thanks!


OK, fixed that spot on the mouth, thanks again broken!

Also, added the front wire shot, mirrored, so you can see that as well.


wow i dont have any crits need to see more but it looks good so far.

you may have to add another loop on the nostrals, if you plan on subsurfing
but with that tuhopuu it’s easy… looking sweet.

Here is a front render for you. Just to show that it looks OK with the sub-d on and smoothed:

Any more comments?


Hi BgDM, I hope all this doesn’t sound overly critical - it’s just that I had to figure all this stuff through trial and error and revising just recently so I may as well try to be helpful and share what I learnt :slight_smile:

I know you don’t plan on animating, but in any case, it’s good practise to get in to the habit of getting the edge loops right, because it helps even in the modelling, keeping the topology clean when editing, pushing and pulling things into shape, and also helps a lot for UV unwrapping.

So anyway, here’s what I meant about sketching the edge loops. Ideally, everything should unwrap to form a nice grid. Polygons should be squarish, intersect each other at close to right angles. A major part in this is keeping the vertices with 4 connected edges only. So the good thing about planning the major edge loops early on, is that you can plan them in a way that keeps the 4-edges ideas early on. The extra loops of detail between the main edge loops tend to follow the contours of the main loops anyway, so if you can get the main loops into a nice topology early on, the rest just comes easy and is more of a matter of just loop cutting.

So here’s the current toplogy in the image, I’ve drawn lines over it where I see the main edge loops and intersections seem to be happening:
Note that there are lots of non-4-edged polygons in this topology where the edge loops are terminated, and the grid-like flow is interrupted.

Here’s an alternative I just quickly sketched over the top, trying to keep the main intersections 4-sided, with loops that flow around the model without too much interruption and that tend to run perpendicular to the axes of movement (for animating :)) (I’m sure it could be improved with more thought):
By cutting those main green loops, it’s a bit easier to add detail, while at the same time keeping a nice topology


That’s a great help broken. Thanks!!

Now to fix it all up. :frowning: :wink:


Looks awesome! After looking at your creature, and X Warriors spaceship, I am feeling like maybe making a creature in a spaceship hehe.

Well what can I say? I saw the name of the author of this post, and instantly knew it was going to be a fantastic peice of work :wink:
This will be awesome when its finished :slight_smile:


Last update for today:


Well thanks. But it’s not that good.


Very nice work. just make sure you watch for triangular faces.

Keep us posted.

Well, the basic head is now done. On to the fun part of trying to model ears! %|


the head looks awesome, it looks pretty spot on with the drawing
he looks starved too… hmm-
what’ll he be used for?