Another head

This is my first serious attempt to model a head. Didn’t know that it’s that hard. :o There‘s still a lot to do. But slowly I’m becoming tired of vertex pushing. :expressionless: Perhaps it will never reach the category finished projects so I post it in this state before it ends up in my big folder of unfinished projects.

Very nice. I would definately continue it. One thing:
The neck is two pieces. I can see the seam. Do you know some of the methods for welding them?

if this head was made with the blender application (shurely you noticed i don’t use it) for human creation, please gives tips on how to make faces to fred pyo ( or to my mail [email protected]


Why the - are you on a Blender forum then?
Peh, morons…

Thanks Valarking. Fixed the seams (not too much work :wink: )

varg black: Yes, this was made in blender but there is no special tip how to make faces. Background image and pushig vertices that’s all (and it’s tiring :-? .)

i’m in this page to enjoy what you poeple do, i’m not a moron by the way :< , i have a friend who uses blender and we are having a project in which that blender aplication will be useful, i write the stories, he animates them. i also want to get the help of other people to do it better (the animation of course). i thought you could teach me something, but it seems you are not able to do that, since you can’t give me tips on how to do it.

Well it’s not his fault you know…its very hard to model a head…and very long to make a tutorial on how to do it. You want a tips: Search for a head tutorial with the search option of this forum…you’ll find a few tut I think…

Valar: relax a bit plz :wink:

tordat: cool head. Original to make it like that. Keep it up!



well…it seem that I was talking to you…

nice modeling
Good job

Logik_Guy :wink:

It’s a very good start for the first attempt to model a head, go on and finish it please (and putting a scene around :wink: would be very cool…).

And to the other people, cool down…, varg black only asks for a tutorial.

@varg black: there is a very good tutorial, that you can download from: very well written by KOS. HTH.

Cheers, Olaf.

Uuups. :o :o :o It was not my intention to start another round of insults.
First thanks for the comments. :smiley:

Second, since I’m not very experienced in human modeling there are indeed not many tips I can give. The only profound tip is to have very good background pictures (one for front and one for side view). These pictures should have the same scaling, camera angle (vertical), and no perspective distortion (perhaps best taken with a telephoto lens). If you have this, placing a vertex in front and in side view will automatically give the right placement in the 3D world. If you don’t have such pictures a good imagination of human anatomy in 3D space is helpful. I didn’t have both so I had a hard time to push vertices by “try and error”. For the orientation of the basic modeling technique I had a look at this tutorial (I used a few more vertices):
The decision to model an Egyptian guy was made because there are a bunch of pictures everywhere and the sculptures are simplified similar as it is appropriate for CG but detailed enough to show individual features and therefor they are a good exercise.

nice head! don’t give up it looks great. got any plans for a scene for Pharaoh Blender-ohtep? :wink:

sorry tordat i wrote[/quote]i thought you could teach me something, but it seems you are not able to do that, since you can’t give me tips on how to do it.

but it wasn’t ment for you, it was for meant for valarking, it was triyng to express my discontent in a peaceful way not to birng a fight like you wrote.

Varg Black, no reason for an excuse. Thanks for your and the others interest and comments. One reason more to finish it, though I have not much time for blendering at the moment.

Gr8RedShark; didn’t thought about a scene yet. First, there are other problems I’m facing with Blender-othep.
What about a wall in the foreground; I wouldn’t need to model the body, and a pyramid in the background; simple to make and very original. :wink:


well…it seem that I was talking to you…[/quote]

well…you know…with that butthead of yours, its hard to tell which way the eyes are pointing…

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