Another indigo test!

Another indigo render. For 2hr 10 min with an intel duo and 1G of RAM. Bit of post pro with neat image. C & C welcome.

If I get time I’m gonna try a greeble script today.

As promised a greeble scene. Enjoy

I think I’m gonna play with DOF ,material texturing and hdri mapping next.

I especially like the lighting on the first one, it’s very realistic.
Well done!:slight_smile:

Thanx, now all I have to do is actually start modelling. LOL

I know that feeling :slight_smile:

Your test’s is looking great :wink:

Nice ones! good job :slight_smile:

The first one looks nice.

I think the images would look better, without the strong JPG artefacts. :wink:

Nice piece of work…good job!!

WoW,all images are great,principly the first and the last