Another issue with ortho camera in height map generation

So trying to heightmap some terrain and it just comes out plain white no elevation or anything part from a blotch here and there .
orthocamera.blend (4.17 MB)

why do you want to work with ortho camera anyway ?

why not use Cycles ?

Camera is right above your model you want see any Depth in ortho mode
use Perspective mode

you mesh has a lot of holes in it !
that won’t render nicely

you should filled up the empty space to render something

happy bl

Ensure you are looking at the depth pass in the render window and not the combined image.
The depth map converts the depth to a black and white image. black = depth of 0, white = depth of 1. Because of the size of your scene you have a depth value in the hundreds so you can only show as more than pure white. If you drag your cursor over the image in the render window you can see the z values. You would need to render to a format such as .exr to keep these values or normalise the texture to change values from 0 to 1. There is a normalise node in the compositor if you want to use that.

Image which might help

ok thx i will try these out. Never used cycles or nodes. The ortho camera is what all the tutorial suggest and it does work on other attempts just not this mesh