Another kitchen (Updated 10/18)

Inspired by hannibar’s recent image I gave this one a shot…

Not quite as good but it’s the first real work I’ve done without tracing from a background image (cars, a plane, etc)…

I’m pretty sure the hinge is on backwards and I don’t even know what’s going on with the martini glass but the render time is killing me so this will have to do:

new image below, old removed

I like materials but light need more work. Maybe you should use some arealights?

This is a little on the nitpciky side, but no one uses butt hinges any more on kitchen cabinets. And if they did, you’ve got them mounted wrong.

The rest is very nice, although tiles aren’t usually that shiny.

I agree, dull the tiles a little and make them look glossier,

Don’t know about the butt handles though, never seen them.

upper cabinet looks wounderful! very good texture work in general. IMO - lighting can be better and both the lower cabinet and the wall material can be improved greatly.


the fact that the upper and lower cabinets seem to have different styles kinda bothers me. (the upper once in a classic dark style) and the lower ones light and more basic with different handles

I like both styles, but for the sake of consistency in the scene use only one style

the tabletop I really like (gonna do that in my own kitchen one day :)))

Overall very nice modelling and texturing job

lights and reflexions may need a little tweaking, as does the grain in the image (AO?)


I realy like the grecy fingermarks on the cupboard :smiley:
this shuld be submited to the blender gallery

Edit:bit clearer this time. The gap between the surface and bottom of cubards BIGGER!!
The glssses clearer and the microwave taller and shinerererer microwave door window :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments all : )

Here’s the updated image:

grzybu: Not entirely sure how area lights work, so I gave Yafray’s GI a shot and photoshopped in a little contrast.

Freelancer: That’s what I get for typing “hinge” into google’s search engine : ) Still they look kinda nice, hate to remove em…
And tiles have been dulled.

Kansas_15: Increased shine was messing with my GI, but dulling seemes to have worked. I’ll work on it.

@ner: Thanks, and done : )

pinhead66: It’s supposed to be in the process of being remodelled, hence the missing door and screwdriver on the counter. Plus it shows off what I thought was a fairly good hinge model but we see how that tirned out heh…
And yeah AO has been replaced by GI.

Jedi Dawn: Wish I could take credit for that but most of it was already on the texture. Mayang. Only some of the scratches and dust are mine.

fly04066814: Gaps I’ll try maybe next time, glasses have been improved and door should be shinier in this render…

First thing I noticed in a second was the wood texture… the pattern in the wood needs to be scaled down… right now it looks like the doors were made out of a incredibly huge enormous tree…

The second pic looks better from that aspect but still isn’t right … same thing goes for the lower cabinets…


I couldn’t resist… so don’t mind my perfecionism…

  1. The hinges are mounted way to close to each other… should only need two to hold that door up… space one at the bottom and one at top.

  2. The hinges are mounted backwards… door would not open if mounted to those hinges… turn the hinges over… center to the outside.

  3. The door laying on the counter has the handle mounted in the wrong place… if door was mounted handle would be top right or lower left… would not match other two doors…

  4. Screwdriver handle is out of porportion… seems too small for size of screwdriver.

  5. No electrical outlet for microwave… no cord showing either. (unless it is directly behind it in the corner?)

  6. Objects seem out of porpotion… lower door knobs are same size as shot glass… I would enlarge the space under the cabinets… seems to small of a height compared the size of the doors…

  7. Always take a picture with a camera and then try and duplicate the photo…

  8. Ignore me… it looks great…

  9. I love the lighting… in the second one…

  10. O.k. … I’m done now…