Another lame project XD..

Hi all, its been a while and im back again to dish out a lame incomplete project that im too lazy or bored with to finish.:RocknRoll:
Im not sure if ill continue this or let someone else have it, but its not being worked on right now. This was to be a chapter released type game but its still in early stages and has alot of bugs, even so i still want it to see the ligh of day.

Here’s a pic for ya

Edit: Here’s the link to a vid i just uploaded.
… and sorry for crappy quality since i used camtasia… it sucks

Curse of the sword - publicdemo1 - 30.15mb

Publicdemo2 - 31.31mb

public demo1 is not as clean as the pd2 but it has some enabled functions like wall running and wall jumping(not completed).

public demo2 has more of a level feel but because of modular walls i had to disable some funtions.

w,a,s,d - movement
arrows - camera
z - combo1
x - combo2
space - jump flip
q - killing mode ( no purpose yet)
e - wall jump ( but only works when wall running to the right, since its incomplete)
wallrunning - press space while moving towards the wall either to the left, right, or forward position.

The combos can be linked together by pressing zzz or xxx or any combination of both u can think of. :rolleyes:

There are lots of bugs in these demos like not being able to move while using camera, but please try it out :yes: and if the public likes it i may continue.

looks good, keep it up!

Thanks ionee!

Well noone else seems to be commenting so ill just upload a vid to save you guys the time. :slight_smile:

Nice! I don’t think that is lame! Not too many people pull off good looking real-time combat.

Looks very good for the current stage it is.
May be you should post some images, cause the demo is 30MB, which is alot.

How did you do the swords air trails, they look fantastic?

The main character seems to be a bit overexcited :slight_smile:
That’s a great start, keep it up!

think it looks fantastic
nice work

This isn’t lame at all.

If you polish the graphics a bit (bake the lighting, and add some shadows), this game would be a grand slam. =D

Actually I find the video pretty cool looking, graphics can improve but it looks playable and fun.

Thanks guys that really encouraged me so i may start it back up again. :smiley:
Sorry for the file being so big but i was careless with all the materials and testing textures that i used so its alot better than what it should be.

@haidme - the trails were from a very old .blend by wiseman303 about weapon trails maded with python, so i cant take credit for that.

As for the graphics… im more of an animator and im just learning to make my own textures so its abit ratty right now and i need more practice with that or outside help before this will look any better. :eek: Thanks again for all the crits.

Really awesome masta_p : )
Keep it up man, it’s the best BGE realtime combat system work that I’ve seen til now. The effects, the fast paced combat, the environment mood, enemy, all very cool. And the combos! The combos! W00T!

Try compress the game with 7zip, i tried it here to test, with the demo1 file, and it got down from 30 MB to 9,4 MB : D

And i found a very fun bug hehe! Press Space-then-E-E-E-E… , you can do a cool-jump-up forever! Idea: You could tune up-fix that bug adjusting it so the character could do a wall-to-wall jump to climp high places.

I agree that’s a very good game. The action is incredible, and I love the wall walk and jumps.
The video itself says enough to judge of the quality.
Go on, it’s a master piece you have here.

I just have a question, the enemy can’t die?