another logic brick

Would it be nice to have a actuator that would parent to a object with a certain property that is near the object with that actuator on it.This would be good for a voxel type game.

You mean an additional mode that parents another object to the ParentActuator holder rather than the actuator holder to the given object? Indeed I missed that from time to time too.

This is no big issue as you would need a Python controller anyway to retrieve the object in question, you can perform the parenting with the Python controller too:

detectedObject = findObject()

Finding the desired object should not be a big issue. You can simply select one of the objects from a near sensor:

detectedObject = retrieveAnyObject(myNearSensor.hitObjectList)

def retrieveAnyObject(objects):
   return objects[0]

… alternative you can look for the nearest object, the object most far away, the biggest object, the object with the smallest name, an object with specific property value, a random object …

as long as there is a single object left ;).

trying to simulate (just on a paper) a system with nodes ,

possible (pseudo) solution with visual code to this problem


Is this a work in progress?

No, it is a visual explanation of what you can already achieve in Python