another logo (with a hand)

here is my current work in progress…
font yet to be decided.
need to change width.
any comments welcome.

Change the orientation of the bottom text. make it readable not upside-down.

Also work on lighting, texture of the hand, and the background

did some more work on it.

now I am getting into uncharted territory…
I don’t know much about Blender’s internal paint system (if there even is one)
If there is an internal paint system for blender could somebody let me know? ( a button or something?)
I added a gradient to the hand and I know that it is flawed but this is a start, I am unfamiliar with GIMP but that is what I am using… I might try inkscape for better results (I don’t know if I will switch yet)
anyways here is a very rough draft of the beginnings of a color scheme for the hand and yes I changed fonts…

Why are you making the hand gray?
What you need is a better material for it, reduce the specularity/reflectivity on it, it is way too high

customer wants a fade in/out effect…
not realism… I guess.
I will try to reduce the specularity/reflectivity and see what that does…
I am new to colors and textures.
thanks for the reply.

this was some non-commish work btw.
the guy was happy with this.