Another LuxRender Glass2 Test


A little test using instancing for 2M poly female figure

LuxRender 0.7 RC3
~3500 S/px ~90h

1 cm (0,01 m) grid

Materials for gemstone cuts repeat because there was 40 cuts and 26 materials.
I was laze to check how they repeat before starting rendering (many 3 times and few not at all)

Full Size

Lovely, Looks like I’ll need to give this a try for fluids!

Thanks :slight_smile:
Fluids have some really nice caustics with LuxRender.
Also drink in glass with absorption data looks very cool.

Ya know Meelis, I would love to see one of those lovely crystalline beauties suddenly come to life and walk around, stretch and blow me a kiss :evilgrin:

:smiley: That would be something :eyebrowlift:

Her is 7zip packed absorption spectra and ior data of gemstones i used

Did i already post it somewhere :confused:

I canceled that one because of boring background (all matte 0,7 gray).

Gems in here are not in shadow, they look nice in direct light.

3 light sources

Orig Size