Another magic barrier 5,000 posts

(Timothy) #1

Hey all,

Just wanna let you guys know that you all crossed the barrier of 5,000 posts :slight_smile:

Up for 10,000


(Friday13) #2

Yeees! on to 10,000 posts!!! :smiley:

([email protected]) #3

well if got forum will post, in the words of whoever set the chatroom subject earlyer, i got plenty more stupidly obvious questions to ask and plan to get alot more posts to my name
so im up for it :smiley:

(theeth) #4

a small step for mankind but a bigass step for Elysiun! :stuck_out_tongue:


(valarking) #5


([email protected]) #6

Congrat`s to all! :smiley:


(Zsolt) #7

YAY! I wonder how much time it will take to reach the number of posts that were on before it closed down :slight_smile:
Although I sure hope that someday will be revived…

Keep it up!