Another manga character :)

Just work in progress, basic modeling with simple textures, hands looks little weird, but im planing it and create basic skeleton for some poses…

wow cool model i’d like some refferences of where can i get the textures or how to make them myself plz and your mouth seems like it wont open is it going to be a game character? or are you going to modify that? otherwise i like it, it does hav that manga apeal

yea mount looks little unfinished (its maybe because of SSS) will try to fix it somehow. Textures are painted (eyes and some skin details), iv used some ref pictures on web nothing special…

My plan is to create simple rig just for modify pose and do some nice render. And maybe try freestyle render, i did some test with manga and freestyle and results were quite good :slight_smile:

Is it vertex painting? can plz send me some settings/tutorials for texturing plz

The legs for me are not proportional to the body…

i agree they are kinda thin towards the ankles and are kinda spread apart a bit

yup legs were bit problem because my ref image was without legs, will try to fix it but its kinda hard on manga images, because they have different proportions compared to normal humans…

I think the eyes are too sunk in. Also the hands look rotated 90 degrees. I would chop em off and spin them round.

thanks for all coments updated hands, eyes and fixed hands…
now to make armature and some pose…

much better but arent you gonna thicken the feet? or you like them that way

dunno i did them little thicker, maybe its still not enough :slight_smile:

now i have simple rig done

next step is freestyle render tests :slight_smile:

That is so neat. Look forward to your updates!

nice, i like… i’m currently stuck kon the the cloth animating/simulating and i might need every posiible contribution, please. I could use some tips

Yea its really not easy, i cant imagine how they handle this on durian on more complex models, i was forced to adjust my model for easier weight painting (removed some faces inside model and connected suit to body, didn’t have patience with cloth :slight_smile: So my tip is make really simple model (at least at first)