Another "My First Animation" thread

But come on, I’m a serious artist serious about learning. Hit me with your worst.

I will say from the start that I got lazy about the lips (and moreso with camera placement, sorry). The ManCandy rig I was using has the biggest pain in the ass lips I’ve ever seen. Then again, this is the first rig I’ve animated with, so maybe I’m tragically mistaken, and all lip rigs are this hard to use. In that case, kudos to them guys at Pixar.

Big learning process for me. I’ve learned a lot of mistakes about animating and I look forward to my next project. Until then, let me know what I should focus on next.

There’s nothing wrong with the lipsynch or the character movement. Quite good, especially for a first animation.
Animation is a big topic, and everyone always has plenty to learn. You have a good attitude.
There’s something funny about the lighting on the character’s skin, but I’m not sure what it is and I’ve never used Mancandy, so I’ll never be an expert. It’s just something about the materials. A little too shiny. But that’s easy to fix with experimentation. Turning the lights way down or off and enabling Environment Lighting would be a good place to start to nail down the cause, then you could take it from there…
Have fun. Good start. Congrats on your first.

Great especially for your first:). Only thing with the lip sync is hes lips don’t go together for the “b” in “misera[B]b[\B]le”. other then that, great lip sync! The other aspects of the animation is great, except for the eye area, too scrunched up for too long. Next time maybe actually model the glass(, cuz now his hand, fingers, look kinda awkwardly positioned. So if you had a physical (at least in blender:p) glass it might be easier to position the fingers and hand around it. And as AdamEtheredge said about the lighting. I think it’s that bright green light you have coming from behind him, it’s not natural lighting looking, and a bit distracting(although I just realized it might not be a green light. I remember, I think, from using Mancandy, if a lamp is too bright, it looks green or yellow on his skin. I think cuz of how What’s his name, the guy that designed him, set up the ramp on the diffuse). And btw, what is the audio from?:slight_smile:

Animation is hard. What you have there is good, but there isn’t masses to criticise.
Technically it’s fine, but artistically it could do with tweaking. e.g: you could emphasise his feeling more, like subtly dropping his shoulders and head after every word. Try stuff out. Look at videos of actors, or even yourself.