Another my project

Hi folks,

This is another my own project, and just finished first step(maybe).
It’s a robot project, but not for film or animation, real moving robot. This is the site to record for making it. From the day, March 25th, I began to make Hex-Pod. (only Japanese, sorry. but you can understand by photos)

At first, making the mechanism part, and second, modeled outer shell with Blender, and using 3D print. The image of robot is this, modeled and rendered with Blender. And completed real robot video is here.

I hope I could sell this robot (only body?) as ‘Kit’, and each people who get this kit make their own robot modeled freely. Are there any good ideas? :slight_smile:


I have those same servos on my Remote control boat! Just saying…

Although, having the servos out on the ends of the legs seems a bit precarious to me, and I am sure there are other ways to do it…But i’m not an engineer so yeah…

Nice work Shige. Good stuff.