Another n00b question. How do you adjust Bump Map height?

There are times that I’d like more depth to my bump maps(from images). I click the “Nor” button and turn off the “Col”…but I can’t seem to get some impressions as deep as I would like. I am partly lost here because I have used another 3D program (AoI) and it was just a matter of dialing the “impression” up or down on a sliding scale. I prefer to work in Blender, but I’m still thrashing around…yes, I have done quite a few tutorials, but I haven’t found one that addresses bump map depth adjustment. Thank you for your time and advice.

Erm, you see where it has the sliders: Col, Nor, Var and Disp? It’s just the Nor slider.

On the Nor value of the “Map To” tab of the Texture box, increase the value; that will increase the strength of the adjustment to the normal, which will increase the height of the bump.

Thanks, Capt. Jack…that’s what I thought…it’s just that I’m not getting any change in the amount of texture. I’m assuming this image doesn’t have the proper grayscale values to make enough of an “impression”. I wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing some other setting(Blender seems to have loads of them).

And just to confuse matters, if you use Disp map to, both the Nor and Disp sliders affect the result. With Disp mapping you generally want to set the Nor slider to zero.

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