Another n00b question.


I'm sure there's probably a brain-dead simple solution to this, but it's not one I've been able to identify - part of the problem being that I'm not sure how to phrase this exactly, especially in such a fashion as to be intelligible to a search engine, so I hope I'm clear enough.

 What I'm trying to do is have the 3D view clip off non-visible regions in wireframe view.  I'm trying to model a face, and it's next to impossible to visualize, especially against a reference photo, when I'm seeing through the wireframe, to the back of the head, and can't distinguish the difference between the two.  Mildly frustrating - my profile is looking pretty good, but the face is just a flat, disporportionate mess. ;)  I suppose I could just hide the back half of the head, but I was hoping there'd be a better solution.

Thanks in advance.

Hello. First go to Edit Mode. Then, in the 3d view header bar, click the button with the cube on the far right. (Limit Selection to Visible).

AFAIK, in wireframe view, your only option is to hide the verts/faces.


you can use alt + b to clip the vision, to unclip use alt + b again, do it using the numpad views under orthogonal.

Nice !

I forgot about that one :smiley: