Another Nature Scene

Very WIP currently, just laying down some ideas for now. I am thinking of putting in a path, and will need to have something to catch the eye through the middle of the trees. I also need more trees/bushes to fill out the empty space. I plan to do more variation on the trees too (it’s currently the same tree re-coloured and re-positioned over and over).




Add grass color variations like light brown for dead grass, yellowish and green.

At the moment you can tell that it’s the same tree. I think a path would look good. How about an overgrown stone fountain or wooden pagoda in the background?

I like the nature senstation but it looks too homogeneous.

I am looking to fix that. I created a tree with hexagonal leaves, oh how I regret that. A new render with some placeholder ideas should be coming soon.

Anyone have some tips on making the trees more realistic? I feel they are letting the image down. Also the statue will need a replacement.


Looking very cool and quite realistic already! It would be great, if you would be willing to share some close-ups with us :slight_smile:

What would you like close-ups of?

The path and statue look good. They bring some nice depth to the scene.

Was up until 2AM reworking the trees. They are all unique now.


We shall meet again :wink:

The scene looks great, especially the colors, though I am kind of missing something my eye is instantly drawn to. The statue works, but not quite perfectly… Have you thought about scaling it up a bit? :slight_smile:

I will scale it up when there is enough detail to do so - it’ll look horrid if I do so now. I am working on a better version already.

Gosh, this scene is becoming impossible to work with, it is so slow.
It takes about 5 minutes to load the blend file :mad:

Woah, I am used to slooow working, but that is really quite slow. How many vertices do you have? Or are particle systems causing the trouble?

You can set the particle drawing to only display a fraction of them in the viewport.

Another thing to not forget about is distributing the contents of the scene across several layers (which is especially important for scenes filed with plants and particle instances.

As for the image, the bright red coloring right now really grabs your attention at first, so I would try to reduce the density of the red elements a little so it won’t have a chance to drown out the surrounding parts (especially the statue, which you can barely notice because there’s very little light shining on it).

A final thing, the sky gives the suggestion the scene is sunny, yet the lighting assumes the scene is cloudy?