Another Nature Still....

(sp) #1

All the recent postings of the outdoors flared some nature like inspiration in me. Bashes are always welcome. :slight_smile:

(A2597) #2

Grabs bat

oh…wait…not that way?

(Tobur) #3


looks really great. I like the ants and the stone in the background.

Just one comment: the treetrunk looks a little bit blurry. Maybe you
could use a larger texture for that to get a more realistic effect.



(ookami77) #4

Nice image, but the rocks look too smooth… I’ve noticed that it’s a bit difficult to make a realistic rock in Blender. Maybe add more bumpy textures and add a wave effect to cause it to ripple… Hope this helps. Keep up the good work!

(SGT Squeaks) #5

the tree also needs a bump map. It looks way to smooth for a tree. Tree bark is very rough and bumpy. But the leaf looks great!! :smiley:

(sp) #6

Thanks guys for the Kudos. I’ll make a repost of the scene after I add the suggestions to it. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

(ndnchief) #7

Really good composition, no center focal point, so forces the eye to take everything in, too see whole picture, which in this case is a good effect with such a cheerful scape. I like alot… The blur with the tree, I like even if it wasnt intentional, but mabey a more realistic bark texture, I think, would put the icing on this one… Great job!!!

The NDN…

(ndnchief) #8

I just looked again, because I like alot. I noticed the tree trunk seems to have to straight of line, if you change the texture, mabey make the tree not so perfectly straight, Just my humble opinion, once again I really like, thanks for sharing!!!

The NDN…

(Alltaken) #9

i like the grass and leaves alot

as some of the others said the line between the edge of the tree and the background is to straight.

the rock in the back is also a bit to smooth perhaps make it more like a sharp jaggey cliff face type of rock or use the noise function in blender to make it a bit more bumpy.

one other thing should be easy
is the sky in the background perhaps put a picture into it or change the colour and add a texture.

but don’t put a stinky cloud picture in maybee rolling hills or somthing that won’t make it look to fake.

it is great all of the main features work well wit just a few alterations it will be perfect.

post it when its done

(sp) #10

Well, honestly I’m not real impressed with the progress so far but here is a update just the same. :x

(Turrin) #11

Great picture!
What I would suggest is adding a bit more grass. It looks a little spread out. Also, it might help if the blades were a bit smaller.
Other than that, I like it!


(SGT Squeaks) #12

I think it looks better already. The hills in the back ground make it so it looks like it doesn’t just drop off, which is good!!! But the rock now looks like it has stripes for some reason.

(DreamMaster) #13

You’re getting better at it… keep working on it, I just love that pink lighting… it just add a lot of mood into your picture which I like the most… :slight_smile: Keep going!

(sp) #14

Thanks for noticing. It’s suppose to be the light from the sunset. Since their was only your comment I’m curious if I reached my point. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the rest of the comments, you all are great.