another networking question

is it possible for a computer to have the configurations for two networks?

eg: my dad has a laptop that he takes from his work (a university) to home. At the university, there is a network that he wants to plug into, and at home i have just set up a network (thanks to some of you :smiley: ).

so, to re-state my question, how can i enable the laptop to connect to either network w/o losing the configurations of the other?

thanks in advance.

Check to see what the current config of his laptop is now. If it is all set to DHCP and aquires it’s information automatically, then you shouldn’t have to change any configurations. If it is not, then what version of (windows I assume) is it? I mainly use linux, but I do beleive in winNT and 2k and perhaps XP you can configure seperate log in configurations. So you may be able to set up another ‘user’ on it with the network settings for the home system. Then select between the home and work user. Other than that, I know you can set up different network options for seperate adaptors, but I think the IP and workgroup settings would be user specific and not NIC specific.

If he is using DHCP (which he most likely is at his work network) then you can set up a DHCP server at your home network. Simply having DHCP on the client does you no good. If he is using a static IP address then the easiest solution is to setup the networking on your own system so that is uses the same subnet and a similar IP address. You can do this because they will be using a non-routable IP address which is what you want.

How are you connecting to the internet? Dialup, cable, DSL? If you are behind a router then definately go with the non-routable IP address and setup the router to work with that subnetwork. If you are doing dialup then you should be fine either way.

alright. he doesn’t have a static ip address: it says “obtain ip address automatically.”

i am using dial-up right now, but will be using dsl when i comes to my area.

oh yeah. the os is win2k (professional if that matters)

You usually do not have to worry about setting up a dhcp server, especially if you are going to be using a little DSL router, they are already integrated and setup. If his laptop is set to ‘aquire ip…’ then all you should have to do is plug it in (behind the router) and turn it on.