Another (new) restrict scaling question

Now that I know how to restrict scaling to one axis, can I also restrict it to two?

i.E. scaling along x and y axis but not z axis?

Thanks for you patience. :slight_smile:

I don’t think there’s a direct way to do that.

You have to scale on all three axis and then scale back the one axis you want to keep untouched.


I did see a script, on a French site I believe, to do this. Would anyone remember what site that was ? (theeth ?)

How can I call up the data dialog for an object? I remeber that there was a dialog where you could set rotation (and I think also scaling) manually, but I dont’r remeber how to activtate this dialog. Or was this only for vertices?

Nkey. Works on vertice and in object mode (works in pretty much all the window too. Try it in the Material Window for fun).