Another newbe Question

I need to render a vapor trail from a missle. I would like to have an engine glow with a expiring vapor trail following. I know that I can use the particle engine but I am unsure where to start.

Is there a tutorial which may guide me? Do any of you experts know a good way? I want a realistice engine glow and vapor trail.

I am open to any suggetions you may have.

Thanks in advance.


well there are two seperate things to learn.

first is the particle engine, this involves a LOT of playing aorund to get things how you want. the second involves an IPO material setting curve on your particles.

you will want to have a high opacity at the begining, then drop the opacity as the trail moves away, this will make it look like the vapour is dispersing. then you will possibly (is it smoke or steam) want to change the colours of the material over time to reflect intense heat, through to smoke.

to learn the particle engine litterally grab an object, add a particle effect to it, and play around like mad. that is not necisarily gonna get your task done fastest, but you will certainly begin to understand.