Another newbie collision problem...

If you haven’t guessed yet, it’s my first game :slight_smile:
I know the graphics are not what you’re used to seeing in a game, but my son, 6, wanted to make a game. He drew it all out and I’m making it 3D, so as you can see, the actual models are designed and UV’ed from his drawings.
Anyway, is the pink sphere around the models the collision detectors?
In the picture here, you can see the spheres in the bottom shot. In the top shot my game is running, but my hero only takes like 2 steps before a collision is detected and he can’t get close enough to chop the baddy.

If I keep pressing the key, my hero will actually float up and walk across the dudes head, and thats not what I’m after.
I tried to enable the “Bounds” button, but I see no difference with or without it, except if I choose Polyheder then Blender crashes when I play it.
So does the sphere have anything to do with collision? And if so, why does it detect a collision when they aren’t close enough to touch?
Sorry for question, I tried a search and couldn’t find what I’m after.

actually, there aren’t many threads that speak of this problem

if you are using a collision sensor, and a near sensor, apparently older versions of blender (I don’t know that it has been fixed, so it can still be true) will set of the collision sensor when running into the [invisible] sphere used for the near sensor.

yes, that dotted sphere is the bound

I also ask, what is that second (not selected) dotted sphere on the right of your wire pic?

why does the catman with the ears have two bounds?

just make the bounds smaller… it doesn’t have to be so big…

make a plane and make it invisible… then make it an dynamic actor and then parent the armature to the plane… add the plane all the motions u want…
BTW, what the heck kind of a name for a son is 6??? :smiley:

Oh and one more thing…
I really don’t like this

Oops, the second sphere came from both the armature and the mesh being actors.
Fixed that.

xintoc–I just slapped that ground together for testing, there’s no way I’d leave it that sloppy in the finished product.

Argh…I don’t know what I did, but now whenever I press PKEY blender crashes.

The problem lies in the bad guy. I put the camera and ground on one layer, the good guy on another layer, and the bad guy on a third layer and tried to play each.
The ground and hero layers played and exited fine, but the bad guy layer screws up. It will play, but Esc makes Blender crash.
I don’t know, maybe I should start the bad guy from scratch if I don’t find the problem with him.

It’s the extra sphere. My hero has the armature as the actor and the mesh just goes along and it works. I had the bad guy armature and his mesh both as actors and it was working. I made just the armature the actor so the mesh could ride along, just like the hero. But that’s what is making Blender crash. I made the mesh an actor again and all is well.
I have no idea why the two models act differently in this regard.
Oh well, more testing :slight_smile:

This is rather complicated for your first game…